Jos Kottmann was eighteen years old when he first borrowed his father’s camera. He plunged into nightlife and photographed what he saw: people. A quest started, wherein Kottmann managed to get worlds most famous DJ’s in front of his lens. Jos: ‘Without them no sound. And without sound, no emotion. They are our contemporary heroes.’

In this book Kottmann portrays the founders of house music. Ron Trent, Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Carl Craig. All legends, all captured in the photographer’s moment. Jos: ‘They speak an international language which brings people together. That has always fascinated me. My favourite spot during a night out is right in front of the DJ booth. With these photo’s I want to comprehend the persons behind that booth; the founders of house. Who are they? Are they their music?’

Kottmanns portraits are personal and vulnerable. Jos: ‘I’m an open book. In private, but also in my work. Because I can be vulnerable, the person in front of my camera can be vulnerable as well. I want them to be themselves.’ Without distraction, the black and white asserts an optimal focus on what Kottmann believes is the essence of one’s soul: the eyes. They unfold the character of our heroes. They show a person. Confident, at ease, reliable. It’s Kottmanns answer to the question who these DJ’s actually are.

The portraits have been exposed in Paris (2010), Basel (2011), Amsterdam (2012) and during IPM Rome (2012 and 2013).